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"Your pet's second best friend"

Meet the team


Michele Darby

Being a pet parent myself, I know how difficult it is to leave your babies in someone else's care. Let me put your mind at ease. I have been pet sitting for my friends, family and neighbors for as long as I can remember. I always provide a nurturing and safe environment.

Kirby Brooks

My name is Kirby Sheri Brooks. My love for pets is what sparked me to enter the wonderful world of pet sitting. I understand the importance of trusting someone to care for your fur babies. My fur baby, Riley, is truly my best friend. I look forward to providing you peace of mind and the utmost care for your babies.


Meet my babies. Aspen (dog) and Flossy (cat). Both are rescues.

Aspen’s favorite thing to do is play fetch. He loves his tennis balls!  Together we enjoy going down the Chattahoochee River. He has his own raft and life jacket.


Flossy knows how to sit on command. She and I play chase around the house and she loves her toys and cat condo.  Add a little bit of catnip and she suddenly has a lot to say!


Both babies are extremely social and at the end of the night during quiet time, we all snuggle on the couch to binge watch whatever show is on Netflix :)


My fur babies are my heart and my #1 priority. Yours will be too!


My fur baby, Riley.

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